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•  Why investors continue to pay premium prices for companies with subscription revenue models

•  How leaders of successful subscription-based businesses are managing explosive growth

•  Why building/optimizing ongoing customer relationships is the lifeblood of subscription businesses

•  How to reduce Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) while maintaining steady growth

•  How to increase customer lifetime value (LTV)

•  Key insights to avoiding churn before it happens

•  Why the Cloud has changed all the rules from niche providers to large, thriving companies


By 2020 80% of software vendors will change from a traditional license to a subscription model (1). What less than a decade seemed impossible is now inevitable (2). Subscription companies are growing 9x faster than the S&P 500 (3).

Fast growing, low-churn SaaS and consumer subscription companies are selling for premium valuations. But companies often face well capitalized competitors with similar offerings while scaling rapidly and staying responsive to a changing environment.


At the Recurring Revenue Conference you’ll hear industry experts discuss:


  • When and how to attract capital, from whom and on what terms

  • Key tactical decisions in your company's growth cycle

  • Shifting from subscription to membership

  • How and when to build your sales team

(1) Gartner and Zuora

(2) Aaron Ross, From Impossible Inevitable 

(3) Gartner

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