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Series 1: The Mindset of an Investor Today

Sutton Capital Partners is pleased to present THE MINDSET OF AN INVESTOR TODAY

In these discussions, hear from top investors with questions including:


  • How VCs now are looking at investing in the short term

  • Early learnings from the Covid-19 Pandemic

  • Have valuations changed?

  • How you spend your time now: Are you working more intensively with portfolio companies? 

  • What advice would you give entrepreneurs who were planning to raise capital right before Covid-19 hit?

  • What sectors (e.g. ecommerce) are gaining traction in this new world

  • Business metrics you are prioritizing now more than you were a few months ago

  • Examples of companies and leadership that has impressed you

  • Something surprising/inspiring learned during Covid-19

Questions?  Contact Nancy Hammerman at