April 30, Marina del Rey Marriott


This workshop is aimed at early stage/startup founders. Participants choose a single track but join together at the end of the afternoon for the Raising Capital talk.





From Concept to MVP: Launching Your SaaS Business, Chelsie Lee, Shipsi

Only 4% of founders ever get past $1 million in ARR. To do it, you have to understand where to start—as well as the warning signs of obstacles you'll be forced to overcome on the journey. Hear first-hand what often goes untold behind the scenes, learn how to map out your strategy and ultimately master the "internal game" of being a founder.

5 Criteria for Success in a Subscription Business, Brent Freeman, Stealth Venture Labs

Think you have a great idea for a subscription business? Not so fast. In this seminar, learn about the 5 common denominators found in every successful online direct to consumer brand as discovered by the Founder of Stealth Venture Labs and tested with over $250M in subscription sales in the last 5 years across 20+ brands. From concept phase to “stuck in a growth plateau” Brent Freeman will review these 5 Criteria in an interactive session that will help you tighten your business concept or rework your existing operations so you can successfully (and profitably) scale your subscription business! 








The Secret to Successful Customer Onboarding, Craig Caryl, SmartCSM

The client has signed up, they are committed and excited and cannot wait to start to deploy their new SaaS tool which your sales team has convinced them will solve a myriad of problems.   Now your customer service team must control expectations, onboard / train them, and ultimately follow up to ensure success and avoid churn.  And you thought sales were the hard part!


If You Build It, They Will Renew, Paul Chambers, SUBTA

You've found the perfect target market, built an amazing product, brought it to market, and sold your first subscription... now what? Building a successful subscription business starts by looking all the way through the customer lifecycle and beyond. In this session, learn from industry veteran and subscription economy expert Paul Chambers on how to build a business that is designed to not only sustain, but GROW!






Marketing During the Lifecycle of Your SaaS Company, Carey Ransom, Ransom Holdings & Kelsey Galarza, Orange Marketing

This interactive session will cover the various stages of a SaaS business from planning to launch to traction to growth.  We'll discuss the key things you should be doing and tracking, as well as tools and tactics for each stage.  You'll also get stories, watch-outs and plenty of take-aways!


Why you Need to Build a Brand, Not Just a Business, Chrissy Cartwright, Dollar Shave Club

In this session we will cover why building a meaningful, memorable brand is key to building a successful business. We will review what elements go into making a brand that will positively impact your business today and stand the test of time.



















Get Funded: The Metrics to Prove Your Model, David Appel, Sage Intacct

What do you need to prove to raise capital? Discover the models and measures investors, bankers, and top CFOs use to prove success in each funding stage—from seed to early to growth. As investors seek quality in their investments, knowing what they’re looking for and how to measure it sets you on the right path for the next round.  


Financial Modeling For Startups, Mark Wald, Supporting Strategies

Investors want maximum return with minimum risk. Your financial model is a tool to demonstrate that you understand your business model, you know how to make money, and you have anticipated all known risks.




The Entrepreneur’s Journey: How to Avoid Bumps in the Road, Brian MacMahon, Expert Dojo

Getting to the finish line  with your SaaS product is much easier when avoiding pitfalls.  Having the right initial structure in place to take your company from brand to investment to scale is critical in your journey.  Hear from an expert who has worked with thousands of startups in one of the most active accelerators in SoCal.


Dealing with Churn, Sameer Gulati, Ordway

Businesses thrive when you maximize efforts with "good" customers, minimize time with "bad" customers, and keep all of them paying you for your services. Learn to fight churn by identifying trouble ahead, establishing process, and communicating effectively with internal and external stakeholders.




Raising Capital for Early Stage Companies, Jeff Lapin, Tech Coast Angels, Richard Jun, BAM Ventures, and Peter Cowen, Sutton Capital Partners.

Learn from a top venture capitalist, a leading angel investor and an investment banker about what investors look for in entrepreneurs they back.  Come with your questions in the final session of the day. 










Hosted by Sutton Capital Partners & NAVINT





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