• Why investors continue to pay premium prices for companies with subscription revenue models
  • How leaders of successful subscription-based businesses are managing explosive growth
  • Why building/optimizing ongoing customer relationships is the lifeblood of subscription businesses
  • How to increase customer lifetime value (LTV)
  • Key insights to avoiding churn before it happens
  • Why the Cloud has changed all the rules from niche service providers to large, thriving companies

The Subscription Economy

Companies such as Salesforce, Amazon and Netflix are redefining business. We are becoming a subscription economy and the implications are profound. At Sutton Capital Partners, we created the Recurring Revenue conference because of the seismic shift in the way companies are interacting with clients. For consumers we see examples such as music, package delivery, even razor blades. The impact on the Business to Business subscription economy is even deeper because of SaaS or Software as a Service. Today, companies no longer need to invest millions of dollars for internal IT departments when they can outsource the same capabilities with no upfront fee. These outsourced services range from back office support, to sales, and marketing intelligence. There are literally thousands of successful companies in this space, most of them less than 5 years old. This is creating a golden age of entrepreneurship. We have a lineup of industry leading speakers who are entrepreneurs, investors and executives. Whether you are deeply immersed in this space, or your company is looking for new revenue streams, the Recurring Revenue Conference is the place to meet the best people in this dynamically changing market.

Goals of the Conference

We are bringing industry leaders together to discuss the exploding recurring revenue economy.  Whether it is SaaS (software as a service) that enables companies to outsource effectively or a product that consumers subscribe to monthly, this event is attracting the top innovators. Hear from entrepreneurs who have successfully built cloud-based solutions and learn from their best practices.  What are investors looking for and how do SaaS companies get valued?  What are the potential pitfalls of companies growing too quickly? Discover the potential for your own company to create new revenue streams.