Fireside Chat

Author and Co-Founder, Predictable Revenue, Aaron Ross

in conversation with:

Ian Siegel, Co-Founder & CEO, ZipRecruiter

Hear from the Co-Founder of the next generation of recruiting.


Panel 1: Scaling a Subscription Business
The keys to retaining and adding new subscribers.

Panel 2: Strategies for Growing SaaS Sales to a Unicorn
Learn from two leaders of major success stories how they accelerated their subscription businesses to become billion dollar companies.

Panel 3: Recurring Revenue without Subscriptions or SaaS: The Power of Apps
Leading category platforms are creating return customers and predictable revenue just like subscriptions.


Panel 4: SaaS Financial Services: Metrics, Payments, Back Office Solutions
Critical outsourced real-time financial tools to combat a complex environment.

Panel 5: Pivoting to a Recurring Revenue Model
Learn how industry leaders risked their company to change their model and succeeded.

Panel 6: The Blessing and Burden of Raising VC Capital
Listen to three top tech founders as they reflect on lessons learned with venture capital. 


Panel 7: Cybersecurity: Don’t Keep Your Head in the Sand About Risks in the Cloud
As the Cloud grows in usage and importance, the risks grow as well. Hear about what your security fears should be for 2017.

Panel 8: Meet the Money—Debt and Equity
VCs and Lenders: Fuel for your Growing Business.

Panel 9: Recurring Revenue Rockstars: Success Stories You Haven’t Heard
Discover some of SoCal’s hidden gems.